Jim Randall Darter

Integrative Therapeutic Massage

Services and Rates

Investing in Massage Therapy is an Investment in your Mind, Body & Spirit. . .

Specializing in Integrative Massage Therapy, I customize the massage styles to suit your specific needs & preferences. A typical full-body massage lasts 90 mins. For dealing with specific problem areas (i.e. back & shoulders) or Tui Na only, a 60 min. appointment works well.  We can discuss your needs and customize the time and types of massage used to achieve optimal results. Available for office appts. or my massage table & I can travel to the comfort of your home/accomodations.

 Styles of Massage offered are:


This technique integrates the soothing flow & relaxation of Swedish massage, combined with Deep Tissue body work. LifeStream is very good for assessing needs and customizing the massage to them.


Deep Tissue   

Therapeutic Deep Pressure is slowly applied to release tension, increase circulation, and relieve muscles. Done with care and awareness, this therapeutically relieves areas of long-standing tension. 



A calming massage that relieves stress & promotes relaxation.


Tui Na (tway nah)

A unique and powerful form of Ancient Chinese Body Work, Tui Na is perfect for stress relief, flexibility, as well as being invigorating. Can be done fully clothed. Tui Na is related to Tai Chi and is effective for everbody, and especially as Sports Massage before, during & after athletic events. 


Office Rates:

60 min. Therapeutic Massage                                $ 90

90 min. Therapeutic Massage                                $120

120 min. Therapeutic Massage                              $160

Outcall Rates:  

60 min. Therapeutic Massage                                 $130                 

90 min. Therapeutic Massage                                 $160 

120 min. Therapeutic Massage                               $190

Massage Packages Available:  Purchase 5 Therapeutic Massages for the price of 4 (that's every 5th Massage- FREE) - Can be shared with family/friends.  Office appts.                     (Limited Time Offer)