Jim Randall Darter

Integrative Therapeutic Massage


" Jim has the amazing ability to find the sore spots and gently work them out. His knowledge of anatomy is applied expertly. I have worked with many massage therapists over the years and for me he has produced the best results. "    Nyla    


Thanks so much to Jim Darter for the pre race massage. I was able to take 2nd spot on the podium on my first endurance 6 hr race of the year. My mind was alert, muscles were awake and ready to race!

Heidi / So Cal Endurance / 2nd place finisher


"I was visiting Napa Valley in June 2011 and found that I couldn't sleep
because of a frozen shoulder.  I was so lucky to find Jim!  He worked his
magic and I was able to sleep for the first time in months. I wish that Jim
lived in San Diego!  I would get a massage every week."  

Blanche B., San Diego, CA


"I was experiencing a tension headache caused by insanely tight neck muscles & had the pleasure of getting a massage during the headache. Jim is very knowledgeable and seems to know exactly what areas need the most work. He uses various methods to make the massage not only relaxing but very beneficial & healing.I left the massage table feeling 150% btter than when I came in and was able to continue my day headache free! Thank you again for the excellent massage!!" ~ Alyssa, Seattle, WA


"Thank you for the wonderful massage! I didn't know it was possible to feel relaxed & energized at the same time but that is how I felt afterward. I can't wait to schedule another one! You have very gifted hands." ~Misha, Napa, CA


"After two major spine surgeries, I still had some problems with my neck, shoulders & feet. Jim knew exactly where to do the work. I felt great afterward. Jim did a great job on me. I wish Jim did not live so far away, but believe me, he is really good & I am sure to find him again!!!!!" ~Joan, Vallejo, CA


"Jim is a natural healer.  He can put his hands right where it hurts and massage away the pain."  Paul Vorland- Massage Therapist- 20+ years